People from various faiths, parents, students and more gathered at the North Shoreview Elementary School Monday morning to support several worthy causes such as literacy programs and campus beautification projects. Putting aside differences and coming together for a common goal helps commemorate King’s legacy in a tangible way, said Connie Winter-Eulberg, pastor of Saint Andrews Lutheran Church in San Mateo.

“This is our big service day and we’re gathering Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians and we’re all gathering together,” Winter-Eulberg said. “When you think about all the violence that’s happening in the world, when we’re gathering together today, there’s no fighting, there’s no arguing. There is a lot of ‘thank you very much,’ ‘so glad to meet you,’ ‘you’re now one of my friends.’ So this is how we bring peace to the world; doing stuff like this.”

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