October Calendar

Ben Brown’s Adult Sunday School, October 11 & 25, November 8, 15 & 22: Creating and Translating the New Testament, a five-week class exploring the relationship between the theology of the New Testament and the politics of the Roman Empire in the fourth century and the politics of Reformation Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries 
The early Christian church created the New Testament shortly after the Roman Emperor adopted Christianity as the state religion of Rome. The early Christian fathers had to choose from a wide variety of books that chronicled the life of Jesus and the early Christians. They chose to include books in the canon that supported a specific theological vision of Jesus’s life and death. I will then discuss how the Protestant reformers wrested the New Testament from the control of the Roman Catholic Church and translated into German and English in the 16th century.

October 4 – Rev. Carlton Monroe, Director for Evangelical Mission preach and meet with folks at St.A.

Beginning October 8th – The Chimes will meet on Thursdays at 6:00 PM; the Vocal Choir will meet Thursdays at 6:30 PM; the Mission Bells will continue to meet Thursdays at 7:00 PM.

October 11 – Guest preacher, Steve Eulberg. Guest Musicians, Steve Eulberg, Erin Lewis and Amber Rogers. This will be an Old Time Gospel Service.

October 18 – Congregational Meeting at 11am in Meyer Hall.

October 25, Reformation – Wear RED. Our guest musicians will be brass with Bob Runnels.

October 25 & November 29 – For our Samaritan Sundays on October 25 and November 29, we are collecting toothbrushes, toothpaste and hotel toiletries for Home and Hope (www.homeandhope.net) in Burlingame. Their mission is to provide a safe haven for homeless families while helping them to regain long term self sufficiency and raise community consciousness on the issue of homelessness. Please leave your donations in the basket under the Samaritan Sunday bulletin board in the hall.

November 1, All Saints Sunday – Brass with Stephen Ruppenthal. Bring a picture, object or memory of a saint that has died in this last year.

November 15 – Koinonia at Kristin Nisewaner’s