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Message from Pastor Connie
My friend Pam Gonzalez was an ELCA pastor in Colorado and was always being asked about why we don’t sing Christmas songs during Advent. It is so hard to refrain from skipping ahead to Christmas with our culture so focused on December 25. Advent is the time when we watch and wait and prepare for the coming of the Christ Child. Advent is important and helps us to prepare for what Jesus means to us.

So Pam took the tunes of Christmas songs and put them to words from the Advent Bible texts we read during Advent. She put these into book form and my husband Steve published her book called, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: Carols for the Advent Season.”

I invite you to read the following scripture and Pam Gonzalez’ words to her hymn that matches the scripture as your devotional.

Read James 5:7-10 “Be patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains. You also must be patient. Strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near. Beloved, do not grumble against one another, so that you may not be judged. See, the Judge is standing at the doors! As an example of suffering and patience, beloved, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord.”

Here are Pam Gonzalez’ words to the tune: “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly”

Patient Waiting pg. 7
from “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” by Pam Gonzalez
1. Patient waiting, demonstrating faithfulness in daily life
This our calling, never falling, By our love defeating strife.
Without grumbling, no complaining, without stumbling, never waning!
Thus we wish to live our lives! Thus we wish to live our lives!

2. Yet our patience is ungracious, And resentment is our song.
Though our trying is undying. Thoughts and deeds turn to the wrong.
Failing ever, daily sinning. Our endeavor never winning.
Still to Christ we do belong! Still to Christ we do belong!

3. Christ is coming, we’re succumbing To an over flowing grace.
Christ will strengthen, patience lengthen, Shine upon us with love’s face.
Advent season, preparation, Christ the reason, for elation
Living in divine embrace! Living in divine embrace!